Tuesday, December 23, 2014

price list kia spectra parts

Kia Spectra headlamp Original Kia- rm310 per side. Tail lamp original rm230 per side Battery Kia Spectra DIN55 bosch rm240 Kia Spectra champion plugs original rm30 per set. Kia Spectra front hood rm470 aftermarket Kia Spectra brake master pump taiwan without bottle rm130 Kia Spectra fuel pump original rm460 Kia Spectra oxygen sensor original rm260 Kia Spectra 3rd brake light rm210 Kia Spectra radiator korean rm340 thermostat rm40 Kia Spectra ignition coil rm160 2 pcs original Kia Spectra plug cable rm85 Cylinder head rm1700 Kia Kia Spectra lower arm- rm300per side original Kia Spectra stabilizer link- rm60 per side original Absorbers A Fuji brand rm110 per side front and rear same price Kia Spectra power window motor& regulator- rm140 korean SKF brand Kia Spectra front wheel bearing rm105, rear wheel bearing- rm160 per side. outside many china bearing. Side mirror rm210per side. No LED Kia Spectra engine mounting- rm300 4 pcs original Fuel filter rm30 Bosch Air Con Cabin Filter rm55 Naza ATF oil rm80 for 4 litres Bosch air filter rm20 Kia Spectra Dayco timing belt-rm210 100,000km warranty Made in Europe Kia Spectra Dayco air-con belt, fan belt- total rm50 Made in Europe Waterpump GMB Japan rm120 Kia Spectra top set rm160 Kia Spectra door lock (front)- rm180 per side Original Kia Kia Spectra Bosch wiperblades-rm27 21/18 Brake booster rm350 Bosch brake pads rm60, rear rm45 Kia Spectra front Bendix Metal King brake pads-rm100 Kia Spectra rear Bendix metal King brake pads rm100 Kia Spectra front disc rotor- TRW brand rm190 Kia Spectra rear disc rotor-TRW brand rm190 Kia Spectra starter recon rm130 Kia Spectra alternator rm180 recon Kia Spectra alternator original rm550 Kia Spectra driveshaft head rm90 taiwan, rm180 japan Kia Spectra driveshaft whole batang china/taiwan rm200, korean rm390, original rm490 Bosch oil filter rm8 Osram H7 per pair 12v 55w -rm80 Bosch Super 4 FR78 rm42. Make sure u dont buy FR78X, some customers complain spare parts shops sell them FR78X Bosch brake fluids Dot 4 rm20 per litre ( THIS THE PRICE I TOOK FROM LOW YATT PAGE, IT CAN BE LOW OR HIGH DEPEND ON PART ITSELF, iwll update the latest price soon, ORIGINAL ALTERNATOR GOT PRICE 1,200 KA ? . ANOTHER TWO MONTH I WILL BE ABLE TO SUPPLY PARTS, STAY TUNED. )

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kia Spectra 1.6 Original Parts

No.1 - Genuine alternator, No.2 - Heavy duty Crank Shaft, No.3 - Genuine throttle body for Kia Sephia, No.4 Genuine dashboard ventilation grill
No.5 - Genuine radiator, No.6 - Genuine fuel filter, No.7 - Genuine switch sensor,  No.8 - Genuine CV. Joint with  CV. boot
No.9 - Genuine SP 3 auto transmission fluid, No.10 - Genuine air filter, No.11 - Pressure hose for power steering, No.12 - Performance air filter for better air filtration.  
No.13 -, No.14 -, No.15 - Performance Spark Plug Cable, No.16- Genuine Rear Brake.
No.17 - High Quality Engine Oil Liqui Moly comes with Genuine Oil filter, No. 18 - High Quality radiator coolant, No.19 - Performance Brake Hose Kit, No. 20 - Genuine Lower Arm.
No.21 - Single power window for Kia Spectra, No.22 - Genuine Internal door handle, No. 23 - Genuine Kia Spectra body throttle, No. 24 -  Original gasket for Kia Spectra 
Left picture - Kia spectra original Piston, Right picture - Complete sets package for kia spectra parts.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


No.1&2&3 - This is what happened when you use timing belt imitation(cheap timing belt) broken while driving at 130km/h and No.4 - Dirty contaminated sludge ATF gear oil with clogged aluminium auto filter and auto sump pan
No.5 - Timing belt snap out, No.6&No.7 - this is what happen to Cooling Coil  without cabin filter, No.8 Drive Shaft
No.9 - Faulty Body Throttle, No.10 - Faulty Water Pump, No.11 - Power Steering Pressure Hose Leaking, No.12 - Faulty Engine Mounting.  
No.13 & No.14 - Radiator leak and corrode due to maintenance negligence, No.15 - Crack because of using imitation product, No.16 - Hose crack due to wear and tear and this will effect your engine, body throttle. 
No. 17 - Faulty Rear brake with rusted piston, No.18 - , No. 19 -   , No.20 - .
No. 21 - Broken parts engine cover, No.22 - Engine part valve, No.23 - Faulty engine upper cover seal, No 24 - Burnt fius in fiusbox.
No.25 to No.28 - Burned electronic wiring 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


KIA SPECTRA GX - This picture i got from internet,kudos to owner of this black spectra.