Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kia Spectra 1.6 Original Parts

No.1 - Genuine alternator, No.2 - Heavy duty Crank Shaft, No.3 - Genuine throttle body for Kia Sephia, No.4 Genuine dashboard ventilation grill
No.5 - Genuine radiator, No.6 - Genuine fuel filter, No.7 - Genuine switch sensor,  No.8 - Genuine CV. Joint with  CV. boot
No.9 - Genuine SP 3 auto transmission fluid, No.10 - Genuine air filter, No.11 - Pressure hose for power steering, No.12 - Performance air filter for better air filtration.  
No.13 -, No.14 -, No.15 - Performance Spark Plug Cable, No.16- Genuine Rear Brake.
No.17 - High Quality Engine Oil Liqui Moly comes with Genuine Oil filter, No. 18 - High Quality radiator coolant, No.19 - Performance Brake Hose Kit, No. 20 - Genuine Lower Arm.
No.21 - Single power window for Kia Spectra, No.22 - Genuine Internal door handle, No. 23 - Genuine Kia Spectra body throttle, No. 24 -  Original gasket for Kia Spectra 
Left picture - Kia spectra original Piston, Right picture - Complete sets package for kia spectra parts.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


No.1&2&3 - This is what happened when you use timing belt imitation(cheap timing belt) broken while driving at 130km/h and No.4 - Dirty contaminated sludge ATF gear oil with clogged aluminium auto filter and auto sump pan
No.5 - Timing belt snap out, No.6&No.7 - this is what happen to Cooling Coil  without cabin filter, No.8 Drive Shaft
No.9 - Faulty Body Throttle, No.10 - Faulty Water Pump, No.11 - Power Steering Pressure Hose Leaking, No.12 - Faulty Engine Mounting.  
No.13 & No.14 - Radiator leak and corrode due to maintenance negligence, No.15 - Crack because of using imitation product, No.16 - Hose crack due to wear and tear and this will effect your engine, body throttle. 
No. 17 - Faulty Rear brake with rusted piston, No.18 - , No. 19 -   , No.20 - .
No. 21 - Broken parts engine cover, No.22 - Engine part valve, No.23 - Faulty engine upper cover seal, No 24 - Burnt fius in fiusbox.
No.25 to No.28 - Burned electronic wiring 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


KIA SPECTRA GX - This picture i got from internet,kudos to owner of this black spectra.