Tuesday, October 11, 2011


KIA SPECTRA GX - This picture i got from internet,kudos to owner of this black spectra.


  1. Well bro its awesome!

  2. Still got a lots of thing need to do with this page :)

  3. Where can i get all the ori genuine parts stated

  4. hi Anonymous,

    normally you can get from authorized distributor, but in my country all genuine parts for kia controled by 1 company, so we have to order from neighbour country but much more cheaper than the company monopoly kia parts distribution in our country as they put the price tag way up beyond BMW parts.

    If you are resident of malaysia country, we can help odering parts for you.

    Kia Spectra 1.6

  5. Hi spectrans,

    For spectra wise getting ori/ genuine parts is universal, as everyone can opt for local parts origin from Cina mainly,but the outcomes is poor in terms if quality and effectiveness.
    It is advice go for original genuine parts distributed by Kia Motor Dist ...if any spectran needs ori parts or ori o.e.m. Parts from korea such as

    1. Ori kia Atf spiii gear oil fluid
    2. Ori spectra Auto Filter for trasmission
    3. Ori auto oil sump pan gasket
    4. Ori driveshaft/ cv joints/ cv boots
    5. Ori shocks front n rear
    6. Ori japan gas filled shocks kayaba
    7. Ori engine mountings
    8. Ori absorber mountings
    9. Ori brake pads ceramic compound
    10. Ori heavy duty rotor disc
    11. Ori Dayco timing belt full kit
    12. Oi ac delco timing belt full kit
    13. Lower arm
    14. Stabilizer link
    15 ori Alternator
    16 ori radiator
    17. Ori thermostat
    18. Ori silicone radiator hose n cap
    19. Water pump
    20 fuel filter
    21. Fuel pump n fuel floats.

    Interested can ss or liased with me @ 013-7849798. Happy motoring.

  6. Salam Spectrans,

    Tips for taking care ur spectra tempreture from overheating?

    Pls be advice always view ur temp gauge indicator at ur meter panel. As normal heat tempreture shows yr engine tempreture is around 70-80'celcius, where in the long high speed sometimes makes the engine temp rise @ 90'C.
    As normal our Temp Switch Sensors will triggered n on this time both fan will spin simultaneously ie ur Radiator motor fan & a.cond motor fan.

    Faulty parts normally caused the tempreture increased. Pls dont let the temp indicator increased to 'H' . If this happens ur spectra will be in big trouble where
    1. Ur gasket will get burned and in the same time coolant water can sips into the engine block that can severely damage ur internal engine. Need to do overhauled .$$$$
    2. Checked or replaced ur thermostat
    3. Replaced ur radiator hose upper n lower part
    4. Replaced ur water pump
    5. Must replace ur coolant every 15k - 20k km time interval as to prevent ur radiator tank from corrosion n blockage.
    6. Replace ur temp switch sensor if malfunctions
    7. Radiator motor fan assy
    8. A.cond motor fan assy.

    So spectrans pls be aware on service maintenance on ur temp system.

  7. Salam Spectrans,

    Reminders to all Spectrans dont buy or get Recond or fake immitation parts
    Few examples for using unauthorised parts
    1. Dont go for cheap, fake air cond motor fan or radiator motor fan.this will affects shorts circuits via yr main Fuse Box which u will find out fuse will blow off.
    This manner also can severly damage ur entire fuse box ( melting) and also deffects the HARNESS WIRES thru out the engines.
    2. Dont go for cheap ,recond low voltage and output of an ALTERNATORS. It will damage ur battery, and other electric components esp ur ECU N TCU. As reconds alternators only generates power output up to 70 ampheres only,where genuine Alternator delivers max 13.5volts and 80-90 amp output.
    3. Dont go for rcond driveshafts,it will default not even three months and this had happen to lots of spectrans who are unaware of these parts.

    So got to wrapped out ,where i will continued in the nest episod n info.tq

  8. Topics: Service Maintenance Spectra Brakes System


    I would like to info all spectrans to do their service maintenance every 15k km. Pls checked or replaced

    1. Inspect ur brake fluid levels.
    2. Checked any leaks at ur master brake pump assy n reservoir
    3. Checked the condition of ur servo brake booster
    4. Check n inspect condition of Brake hose linings
    5. Inspect the pin sliders n bush assy n pin boot.
    6. Check the rotor disc even surface
    8. Flush the contaminated brae fluid and best to refill with Dot 5.1 brae fluid
    9. Lastly better to use Genuine ceramic compound brake pad
    10. Must do full Bleeding on full 4 wheels as it will activate ur ABS & EBD system.

    For more details can reach me @ 013-7849798.

  9. For performance parts

    I would greatly recommended few items as to have good in accelerations,power and in the mean time better fuel consumptions.

    1. Try to replaced ur existing 6mm plug cables to 3 core pin 10.2 mm cables. It also heat resistance using a double layer silicone.
    2. Once u used performance cables, spark plugs also plays an important role as i will recommend go to Denso Iridium power or Brisk Racing Silver electrodes.
    These plugs is lasting and can withstand extreme heat and produced great border sparks.
    3. Lastly u must have a good clean cools air filtrations, as totally recognised using The K&N drop in air filter specially made for Kia Spectra.

    So these parts seems to give u at keast 10-15 % increased in yr power n consumptions. Need the parts can reach me at 013-784 9798. Inquiries are welcome.

  10. Salam Spectran,

    If anyone of u encounter a difficulties in starting yr spectra. Pks make several inspections on yr
    1. Condition of battery
    2. Condition of yr alternator.
    3. Check ur harness wire from the fuse box up to the ignitions coils.
    4. If the engine is cranking but it Wont Starts, pls do check or replaced the Cranking Angle sensors switch.
    5. Check the conditions of yr throttle body and all its 3 sensors attached.
    6. Check conditions of plug cable sign of leaking out current.
    7. Check conditions of spark plugs that are full of carbon sludge.
    Hope it helps.

  11. Salam spectrans,

    Tips and troubleshoot.

    1. Why are my headlamp lights suddenly switch on and off by itself?

    2. Why my car cant starts when my gear pisitions at 'P" or 'N' ?

    3. Why my spectra indicator gear position at meter panel never lights on?

    4. Why my car is under powered, heavy in fuel consumptions ?

    5. Why my spectra auto gear is jerking and not smooth.?

    6. Why my car can crank but cannot starts?

    7. Why my Spectra taking corner or u turn produced a ..tak..tak..tak sound ?

    8. Why my spectra dashboard and steering wheel vibrates when accelerating ?

    9. Why my acond suddenly gets warmth and hizzing sound ssshhhhhsshhh.?

    10. Why when i switch my air cond at no 1 no air but at no 2 or 3 its normal ?

    11. Why i can smell burning oil at the engine bay ?

    12. Why my coolant become less everyday but no sign of leaking on the floor.?

    13. Why my car vibrates via the dashboard cabin at stopover gear at 'D' ?

    14. Why my spectra wobbles and sway when driving at high speed ?

    15. Why my brakes positions is too low ?

    16. Why my spectra RPM up and down, not consistence?

    17. Why my spectra auto drop gear from 4-3-2-D is slow n jerking?

    18. Why my battery indicator warning light turns on?

    19. Why my spectra ABS indicator lights on?

    20. Why my timing belt produced chit..chit..chit..sound?

    Well guys anyone face this trouble shoot can reach me at 013-784 9798.

  12. Salam Spectrans,

    An alternator's main function is to generate electricity to recharge the battery. A standard car battery does not have the power or capacity to start and run a car on its own for very long
    So Spectrans should know the conditions of yr battery conditions.
    The are few symphtoms on when to know u got a faulty Alternator.
    1. Driving at night ur headlights will suddenly become dim dimmer.
    2. Power acceleration decline lack of pick up,heavy.
    3. Battery indicator will shadow lights up so frequent
    4. Ur drop gear 4-3-2-D is jerking and slow
    5. Signal lights suddenly lights and blink slowly.

    From the above symphtoms indicates ur battery is withdrawing out current and no charging takes place.If ur battery is still in good condition and new definates that u got a faulty dead alternator.

    Beware dont used recond alternators as it output ampheres is low as ori genuine Alternators consumed 13.5volts and output power 80-90 ampheres. need the parts can reach @ 013-7849798 for delivery and details.

  13. Salam Spectran,

    Auto gear trasmission n full flushing

    This is to reminds to all spectrans, on service maintenance schedule to upkeep ur auto gear box. I personally advice all spectrans who had never ever do full flushing thru entire life of ur gear box, to do so.
    Full flushing means is to suck or vacumm all sludges,dirty impurities that accumulates in yr gear transmission that cause faulty gear shift n performance.this cycle takes an hr plus as to get a clean transmission.
    In the meantime spectrans also need to replaced the auto filter and clean up ur auto oil sump pan with new gasket.
    For atf oil specially made for spectra using at least 12 litrers ori kiaSPIII fluid( new packaging)
    For those staying in kl or selangor area can be appointed to a spectra group workshop at setapak with a reasonable labour charge. Can contact 013 7849798 or 013 4001981

  14. Salam Spectrans,

    Tip and troubleshoot.

    For those spectran who come across where

    1. The lights suddenly switch on by itself
    2. The signal indicators sometimes lids on and off
    3. Theres a sound once the indicators is either up and down

    Well guys the solution is ur indicator lever is malfunctions due to wer and tear and also slight short circuit to yr resistor rectifier. need to replace. nee more to clarified pls reach 013 7849798 or 013 4001981.tq

  15. Salam spectrans,

    For those having problems with your brakes system esp

    1. When u stepp the brake pedal u feel vibrates n the cars steer to one side?

    2. Yr brake ABS indicator light on in the meter panel?

    3. Yr callipers piston brake leaking out brake fluid, what should u do. ...?

    4. Yr brake booster servo pump faulty...what u feel?

    5. Yr master brake pump leaking , steps to do?

    6. Yr pin sliders jammed and bush crack...how to solve.

    7. Why u should do full Bleeding on yr brae system.

    So guys who faced this problems pls feel free to reach me @ 013 7849798 or 017 7200466 for full detail and how to diagnoss wth proper guide ad genuine parts enclosed.

  16. Salam spectrans,

    How to service ur Spectra air conditions.

    Make sure u send for full service when :-
    1. Ur air cond feels warm air flows
    2. Theres a leaks in any parts of the omponents esp the cooling coil, compressr, expansion valve seals etc.
    Go fr genuine parts esp the cooling coil, where u ought to took out the whole dashboard in order to replace it. New gas refill and comressor oil too.
    Need all the relevants parts pls reach @ 013 4001981 / 13-784 9798 or 012- 7200466.

  17. salam spectran,

    If happen when u step on the brake pedal, terasa pedal brake gigil atau getaran dengan vibrates indicates yr brake system need attention and major service and replacement:-

    1. Check condition of yr rotor disc its either rough surface and uneven spotted .x rata.
    2. Check yr pin sliders most of it at wear and tear states where the front nipple bush seals had crack.Replace it at once to have a smooth brake respons and activate ur EBD system.
    3.Inspect the conditions of yr brake Fluid.Most brakes fluid is contaminated and cant withstand any heat pressure.Go for Dot 4 or the best Dot5.1 fluid.
    4. Inspect yr brake callipers piston oil sels and O rings.If theres a leak do make full service by replacing the piston callipers brake kit.
    5. Last but not least go for new sets of Ori Brake pads (ceramic compound) front and rear/ do full BLEEDING on all four wheels and service yr ABS sensors to activate it.

    From all this procedure for sure you will get a superb response on yr brakes in command to stopped as needed.
    Fr more details and parts inquiries pls reach 013-7849798/ 0177200466 anytime. wasalam

  18. As most workshop had refrain of doing full Flushing is where they mentioned it will damage all internal parts of yr gear box.

    Pls be advice DONT EVER USED ANY OTHER CHEMICALS OR FLUSHING ADDITIVES IN ORDER TO CLEAN OUT YR GEAR BOX SYSTEM.In this manner for sure it will severely damage ur components such as all rubber seal,oils seals to harderened and crack in the near future.

    For the right procedure on doing Full Flushing on yr Spectra Gear Transmission is by using
    1. Ori ATF SP111 gear oil for 12 litres in other to used the ori oil for flushing agents and restore back its pure ,clean atf fluid in the geaR BOX. sO DONT GET PUZZLES OVER IT.

  19. Referring to picture of national milo tin car,most probably owner of this wira not maintaining his car properly, using low quality parts from china and above of all its proton what else we can say.hit a lamp post can split in to two that magic.

  20. Salam to all spectrans,

    Just to info to all newbies and those who just bought the kia spectra.
    1. For spectrans to face a problems on their AUTO TRANSMISSION such as once engaged to 'D' the car takes few sec or to a min to move.this is due to few reasons??

    2. When ur gear positions engaged to ' P' or ' R' u cant even starts up yr engine?theres to few things to check n must replaced the parts.

    3. When driving u can smell a burning oil sensations n also at the handbrakes feels extreme heat?

    4. When u drives from D -2-3-4 the gear shifts is not smooth,jerks and rough?.theres few things to do......

    5. Pls be aware to take extra preventions and maintenances on how to prolongs yr auto gear with proper care?few tips must be done

    So spectrans if u all come across of the abovementioned problems dont hesitates to reach me at 0177200466 fr details, parts and workshop. Wasalam.

  21. To all spectrans,

    Pls be advice that to take care if yr periodical maimtenance service on yr

    1. Engine oil changes suggest to :- motul engine oil/ liqui moly / indemitsu e.oil

    2. Gear auto fluid

    3. Tempreture system what to replaced and do flushing

    4. Shock absorber systems

    5. Full maintenance brake system ,parts to replaced n service

    6. Engine mounting replacement,how to diagnoss it

    7. Drive shafts maintenance and parts replacements

    8. Top overhauled parts

    9. Full overhauled due to no compression on engine torque

    10. Auto transmission maintenance n servicing

    More details to members do contact 017-7200466/ 0137849798.

  22. Salam spectran,

    Azmie Says:
    February 4, 2011 at 4:11 pm
    Salam Spectran,

    Kalau member spectrans terfikir nak upgrade bodykit/ sports rms/perfrmance parts, abg azmie nasihatkan go for yr basic maintenance dulu.Apa yang sy nyatakan adalah seperti penjagaan mechanical parts dan juga keupayaan engine spectra ni di tahap yg baik.Tidak lupa juga penjagaan auto gear kita yg sememang nya perlu di jaga dengan baik supaya tak mahu rosak teruk sehingga kereta x boleh bergerak.Jadi di sini abg azmie selalu rumus kan beberapa bahagian yang patut semua member spectran ambil berat.

    1.Yang paling utama dan sgt mustahak adalah Penukaran Timing Belt.Jangan tunggu dan berlengah untuk tukar T.beltSekiranya ia putus mmg x de jalan lain terpaksa mengeluarkan beribu ribu ringgit untuk baik pulih, Kena tukar piston/piston ring/valve/cylinder head dan byk lagi….

    2.Penjagaan Auto Transmission Gear Box spectra:- Kita kena selalu menjaga penukaran minyak ATF nya dimana setiap 40k km mesti buat Full Flushing dengan guna 12litres minyak Ori Kia SP111 gear oil dan tukar auto filter dan gasket kedudukkn bwh engine.

    3. Penjagaan Sistem Air Cond:- Dengan Cara ini yg plg mudah dan murah, Untuk makluman members semua, bahawa Kereta Spectra kita tidak di lengkapi atau di pasang A/COND CABIN FILTER 2 PCS (ORI) dimana mmg tersedia ruang khas untuk install cabin filter.Boleh di pasang sendiri D.I.Y,

    4.Penjagaan Sistem Brake/parts :- Mesti selalu buat service setiap 10k km dan tukar brake pad depan / belakang bila pad lama dh nipis dan berbunyi.Service brake calipers/ brake hose dan elok tukar Pin Sliders & bush bahagian depan sj bagi menggelak ia patah dlm calipers.Check rotor disc sama ada rata atau tidak../buat flushing semua minyak brake lama dan masukkn Minyak Brake Jenis Dot 4 / 5,dan akhir sekali buat full bleeding.Insyaalah lepas tu akan rasa pedal brake smooth dan cengkaman yg respon untuk berhenti.

    5.Penjagaan Sistem Drive shafts terrain:- Ini juga penting malah kerana beberapa perkara terjadi tanpa di inspect selalu boleh mengakibatkan components parts lain akan turut rosak teruk.Ini adalah kebiasaan nya getah CV boot kita koyak tanpa disedari dimana air/pasir/benda benda asing inilah punca nya bearing didalam jadi karat dan akhir nya terpaksa di ganti. $$$$

    6.Penjagaan dan penukaran sistem Shocks Absorbers:- Selalu peka keadaan kereta kita meluncur terutama bila di pandu laju jalan selekoh,klu rasa kereta kita berbuai (swaying) kiri kanan dan x stable(mantap)/ berbunyi di jalan x rata menandakan kita mesti segera buat penukaran shocks dan juga absorbers mountings.

    7. Penukaran Engine mountings:- Ini pun satu perkara yang sgt penting dimana fungsi Engine Mounting adalah menampung chasis engine dari gegaran dan juga mengimbangi kesemua empat posisi di bahagian depan/ belakang/kiri/dan kanan.Segeraah tukar engine mountings kerana ia akan membuat engine kita x stabil dan bergegar hingga ke dashboard/ steering pun boleh di rasai.Ia juga boleh merosakkan komponen lain jika di biarkan…..$$$$$

    8. Penjaagan sistem Battery/ alternator:- selalu check voltage battery anda dan juga condition alternator.Jgn beli recond alternator kerana ia tidak tahan lama dan juga voltage dan ampheres nya pun kurang dr alternator original sepatutnya 13.5volts/ 90ampheres.

    Kalau member spectran ada apa kemuskilan boleh hubung 017-7200466 / 013-7849798/ 012-7344959 untuk lebih details.wasalam

    1. Brake saya problem. authorised service outlet chan sow lin kata takde spare part. di mana bengkel kereta anda?

  23. Azmie Says:
    February 11, 2011 at 12:28 pm
    Salam spectran,

    Lower arm:

    The control arms are what holds your wheels and tires to the frame of your car and allows the wheels to go up and down when hitting bumps while staying straight and perpendicular to the road.
    There is three point where ball joints and bush n seals are attached, where its also holds the engine chasis frame/ shocks/and tyres too left n right. The manouver of ur spectra will perform straight line n smooth cut when accelerating, while if u got a faulty lower arrm, u will also notice yr car is swaying when on high speed n also produced sound n noise due to all worn out ball joint/ rubber bush where metal to metal contact.

    So guys do always check and inspect yr spectra lower arms and always replaced at once if the vehicle is more than 5 yrs……go fr ori parts and kind of interested to replaced it can contact me @ 019-7833001 tq happy motoring

  24. My spectra brake having problem. authorised outlet said leaking but no parts to repair.do you have a workshop?where is it?

  25. My brakes not working well. authorised outlet said leaking problem but no spare part at that time. where is your workshop?

  26. Very good info. Intend to visit u for next service.

  27. Tq for all info. May be visit your place for next seevice

  28. Hi Christoper,

    Well for brake system u must need special intentions and good reliable parts ( genuine).
    I was cobfused as u did mentioned LEAKING ? Ay i know which parts is leaking or faulty..

    Just an options normally Spectra will easily leaks at :-

    1. Master brake pump.
    2. Brake hose lines
    3. Piston callipers unit
    4. Pin sliders assy
    5. Servo booster brake

    So in this case no probllem, i can asssts u. Just give a call 017-7200466.

  29. Hi faisal,

    Ure most welcome, feel free to get intouched if anything troubleshoot ur spectra...