Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kia Spectra 1.6 Original Parts

No.1 - Genuine alternator, No.2 - Heavy duty Crank Shaft, No.3 - Genuine throttle body for Kia Sephia, No.4 Genuine dashboard ventilation grill
No.5 - Genuine radiator, No.6 - Genuine fuel filter, No.7 - Genuine switch sensor,  No.8 - Genuine CV. Joint with  CV. boot
No.9 - Genuine SP 3 auto transmission fluid, No.10 - Genuine air filter, No.11 - Pressure hose for power steering, No.12 - Performance air filter for better air filtration.  
No.13 -, No.14 -, No.15 - Performance Spark Plug Cable, No.16- Genuine Rear Brake.
No.17 - High Quality Engine Oil Liqui Moly comes with Genuine Oil filter, No. 18 - High Quality radiator coolant, No.19 - Performance Brake Hose Kit, No. 20 - Genuine Lower Arm.
No.21 - Single power window for Kia Spectra, No.22 - Genuine Internal door handle, No. 23 - Genuine Kia Spectra body throttle, No. 24 -  Original gasket for Kia Spectra 
Left picture - Kia spectra original Piston, Right picture - Complete sets package for kia spectra parts.


  1. 3rd picture ori Kia Spectra throttle body

    Pls take good care of ur throttle body. It is very delicates component on where theres 3 very sensitives sensors attached to it, ie
    1. Actuator idle speed sensor
    2. Throttle body sensors
    3. Matt sensors.
    Throttle body can be faulty is due to
    1. Very bad air filtrations and low cool air flow supplied thru the throttle body where mixture of air and fuels combines each other in the Combustion Chamber.

    So sectrans pls be informed that u must closely monitored the clean and dry air filter as to have a better filtrations. Again make sure u used Ori genuined parts of Air Filter assy as to take care the cleanliness of yr delicate expensive throttle body.

    This is due to with clogged sludge,debris,moisture trapped at the butterfly fins inside the throttle body. Faulty throttlebody and sensors can make ur Spectra
    1. Lack of power accelerations
    2. Yr rpm is inconsistence up n down vigorously
    3. High fuel consumptions
    4. Very low compressions as the engine feels heavy n roaring noise.

    For more details n need the ori sensors kindly post in this comment .

  2. 4th picture "ORI HEAVY DUTY ALMOST 9.5kg" CRANKSHAFTS"
    crankshaft functions is to generates ur piston driveterrains , driven by yr timing belt. Cranshaft can be badly damaged due to high speed driving above 130 kmh which impact straight to it if timing belt breaks.....$$$$$

    So pls drive and keep yr speedlimits if u havent done any t.belt replacements which is almost due.

  3. Nice blog abg mie. Find it really helpful yet Very informative. Btw, juz replaced my engine mountg. Nw ok already,no more vibration when on iddle D. Thanks a lot

  4. Ure most welcome bro Anas, reall appreciate yr compliments!!
    By the way as abs auto had told me beware on yr CV joint that is faulty where the tak..tak..tak sound emerge when you take corners or U-turn.
    For my advised dont make a full turned ,3/4 turning point is just fine....

    The main reason why u get the faulty cv joint( outer parts) is due to worn or tear off CV BOOT silicone rubber,where all the heavy duty greese leaks out and water,debris polluted inside the cv joints. This will in due time will occurs CORROSION OR RUST @ the bearing that case the noise....

    So Bro Anas hope u could figure it out to get it replaced at once. Tae care!!

  5. The 6th picture shows a complete sets of performance parts ie
    1. Ori 3 core pin /10.2mm/ high temp silicone plug cable specially fr Spectra.
    2. Most compatible with ori japan Denso IRIDIUM power spark plugs.
    3. Good air filtrations using Ori USA K & N high flow air filter kit.

    From of the above parts spectran will discover
    1. Power accelerations as light RPM.
    2. Good increase in fuel consumptions by 15%
    3. complete mixture of air and fuel in the combustion chambers that produced lean burnt.
    4. No more unburnt fuel left as carbon residues deposited in the engines...

    Its worth getting this limited perfrmance arts specially made fr kia spectra.

  6. Ori genuine kia spectra parts :-

    1. Ori Kia SPIII atf fluid
    2. Auto filter
    3. Auto oil sump pan gasket

    4. Ori brake pad full kit package
    5. Ori engine mounting package

    6. Shocks absorber mounting / shocks/ gas filled package
    7. Timing belt ori Dayco full kit package
    8. Thermostat / radiator tank flush/ hose/ coolant package
    9. Power steering package/ pressure hose.
    10. Performance parts/ k&n air filter/ denso iridium power/ 10.2mmplug cable.

    Feel free to contact 013-7849798 fr assistance.wasalam

  7. Bro Azmie,

    Thanks for your help, now my car engine much more smoother, the only thing need to be done on my engine is spark plug. thinking about buying brisk spark plug (racing type with resistor). that have to buy next month as my budget already stretch to the max.

  8. Salam bro aninymous,

    Most welcome, you did a great job ,done all ur maintenace job recently. Well no problem if u need the brisk plugs or ngk iridium plugs also suitable for our spectra engine....superb!,!

  9. Salam spectran,

    Ori kia atf spiii ( picture no 9 )

    As u know most spectrans had use different sorts of atf fluid fr their gear box oil. To mentioned few such as dextron atf, toyota spIV ,castrol etc.
    In the first place u will noticed nothing much difference but for the long run than u will get into trouble as most spectrans never noticed due to wrong atf oil used....

    For full flushing u must have a least 12litres or 14litres to have completed the whole cycle. This must e done every 40k km time interval and u need to change the auto filter and clean up the auto oil sump pan attached with new gasket.
    After the flushing cyce, u will noticed a big difference where no more jerking between shifting and enaged of gears.....its smooth like silky accelerations.....
    Anyone need to do the flushing service maintenance can contact 013-7849798.

  10. Salam spectrans,

    Power steering pressure hose # 11

    Pls be adviced always monitored ur power steering fluids levels in the reservoir.
    It must have the max level, incase the levels p,steering lowered than normal indicates u have a leaks mainly at
    1. Power steering motor pump
    2. Power steering pressure hose.

    Spectrans must replaced it at once,

  11. Salam Spectrans,

    Ori cabin Filter for acond system

    1. To trapped all micron dust particles from entering our cooling coil
    2. To protects and preserved all harmful gas from entering our interior cabin
    3. To maintain peak operating effiency and air conditioning system
    4. 100% compaible for spectra cars
    5. Woven material and bonded materials delivers high load dust capacity and last longer.

    To all Spectrans who have not install ur spectra cabin filter kindly sms/contact @ 0137849798 for for details.tq wasalam

  12. Salam spectrans,

    Another important tips how to maintain ur tepreture from overheats.

    Pls take several actions by inspect ur radiator tank as once u open the cap, as the coolant turn to cloudy brown indicates that the coolant is badly contaminated n corrosion had taken place....
    This will affect other components such as
    1. Thermostat
    2. Water pump
    3. Temp switch sensors

    Other parts should take precautions is
    4. Radiator hose
    5. Radiator tank
    6. Radiator n acond motor fan as well
    7. Coolant should be flush n refill every 15-20k km interval

    For more info kindly leave ur no or call 013-7849798 further info.tq

    1. Assalamualaikum W.B.T...
      Ahad yg g tkar minyak enjin sbb dh smpai tempoh...kmudian bila sy blik n parking keta...ada dgr bunyi air mlegak...bila buka dh ada percikan air + akui sjak pkai keta 4thn lpas. .sy xpernah cuci radiator...temperature xnaik tp air try uji smlm...buh air bg penuh blik...bila start enjin n pnas air brkurangan blik...pastu tgk kipas 1 je pusing..tu pun bila aircond buka...1 lg xpusing...sbb kipas rosak kew???? AdddooiƬii...tolonglh sy...nk blik rya nie...wawawawawawa

  13. Photo no 4: Air Vent grille assy.

    As most spectrans had their dashboard faulty at this part.U can notice that it had cracked and huge buble build up in ur Dashboard.

    So dont have to replaced the whole complete dashboard as u only need to reposition back the bubble and attache new sets of Air Vent Grille ( photo # 4 above)that is attached infront ur windscreen.

    This happen is due to wear and tear and the most currently happen is exposed directly to sunlight from morning to dawn.
    So anyone need the genuine parts to assemble back yr dashboard can post a comment here and will give u the full details and workshop that can do it.tq

    1. my dashboard air vent had already broke..pls sent details about costs and workshop

    2. My dashboard air vent also broken. Send me detail on workshp and cost.

    3. My dashboard also broken..please quote me the detail.
      Thank you..

  14. Photo # 5: Genuine aluminium Radiator Tank

    The important of radiator is to regulate and cools down the coolant via the radiator motor fan.
    To avoid the radiator becomes leaks,it is adviceble to all spectrans take serious service maintenance to do flushing ur radiator and change the coolant at 15k km time interval using a proper coolant instead of green color coolant. this is becoz most cheap coolant that contains harmful chemicals as it will ruined the metals that caused corrosion and blokage.

    I would recommens Spectrans to get either Red Coolant,and the best so far would suggest to used the outstanding Motul gel coolant (Blue in color) that really cools down yr engine and this special coolant also contains oil additives that can prevent corrosion or rust and in the sametime it can lubricates internal metal and rubber parts esp our water pump,thermostat etc.

    Need the genuine parts can reach @ 013-7849798

  15. Photo no # 7: Genuine 3 pin Tempreture Electronic Switch Sensors.

    This is the important part of a tempreture system of a spectra.
    The function of a switch sensors is to detect all spectra engine tempreture and triggered it at certain heat (90'c) it will sent this info thru sensors by which ur auto motor radiator fan and air cond fan will simultaneously rotates as to cools down the engine.

    Faulty switch sensors is usually wear and tear due to corrosion as contaminant long used of Coolant and never change it interval time frame. Hence this could lead to engine overheats as severely damage ur cylinder head block and burnt Gasket as well.

  16. Photo no # 13 : Genuine Cylinder Head engine block fr Spectra.

    Mostly our cylinder head block will crack or bent due to
    1. Break off Timing Belt
    2. Engine tempreture Overheats.

    as pls dont go for recond or used cylinderhead as this could leads the same problems where they nomarly skim the overhead and it wont last long.

    For those who had problems on cylinder head problems can reach me at 013-7989798 for more details.

  17. Salam spectran,

    Special Package Price for year end ' Spectra Genuine parts'

    1. Package for cooling system.
    1. Replace thermostat
    2. Replace ori radiator hose upper n lower part
    3. Replace coolant Toyota red coolant / Motul gel coolant
    4. Replace radiator cap

    2. Package for Timing Belt full kit
    1. Ori high temp Dayco timing belt
    2. Heavy duty tensioner bearing
    3. Idler puley bearing
    4. 3 pcs oil seal
    5. Ori Dayco air cond belt
    6. Ori Dayco alternator belt
    7. Ori alloy water pump with gasket.

    3. Package for replacement of Engine Mountings
    1. Front mounting
    2. Rear mounting
    3. Left hand side mounting ( transmission)
    4. Right mountings ( timing bet)

    4. Package fr Shocks Asorbers repacement
    1. Ori Japan KAYABA nitrogen gas filled front or rear
    2. Ori absorber mountings fr front or rear.
    3. Ori stabilizers bars front or rear.

    5. Package for brake systems
    1. Ori ceramic compound brake pad disc front n rear
    2. Ori pin sliders n bush for front only.
    3. Ori rotor disc front/ rear
    4. Dot 4 or Dot 5.1 brake fluid
    5. Ori brake callipers piston kit fr rear n front.

    6. Package for Auto Transmission
    1. Full Flushing using Ori Korea ATF SPIII -12 litres
    2. Ori Auto Filter
    3. Ori auto oil sump pan Gasket
    4. Full flushing on power steering fluid.

    Package will end till 15 January 2012 subject to parts avail.
    Can reach me @ 013 784 9798 for more details or 013 400 1971

    Free delivery within KL n Selangor area.
    Specialized workshop avail with guranteed cheaper labour charge.

  18. salam Spectran,


    The alternator in a car is the device that produces and manages most of the electrical current running throughout the vehicle. Failure of the alternator can result in problems varying from slight inconveniences to serious hazards.

    checklist to diagnose a faulty or bad alternator. The typical symptoms of a bad alternator include hard or slow cranking when you attempt to start the engine, dim headlights, a drained battery, and a dashboard indicator light that stays on.

    Using a voltmeter when ur car is idling and if it reads below 13volts it shows the faulty alternator

    Lastly checked any loose or worn out alternator belt.
    For Spectra genuine parts Alternator is 13.5volts /90ampheres output power.

  19. Photo gallery #13

    Ori genuine twin overhead cylinder head camshaft

    Pls be aware as most frequent damage happen to severe faulty cylinder head due to crack,bent head as lost of compression.

    In terms of crack usually happen to break or slips Timing Belt
    Secondly it is due to excessive overheats on engine temp that touches 130-140'c where it burnt the overhead gasket and result bending head.this is why when we had an overheats engine but couldnt discover any leaks from other parts of relevant components such as

    1. Radiator tank
    2. Thermostat
    3. Thermostat housing pipe assy
    4. Radiator hose upper n lower part
    5. Tempreture switch sensors
    6. Radiator motor fan
    7. Air cond motor fan
    8. Contaminated coolant

    So spectrans pls check accordingly and need more detail fill free to reach me 013 7849798 .

  20. Photo 13

    This is our twin cam pulleys driven by ori genuine Dayco belt. So far this the second Dayco belt i had used and to tell you...its superb belt.
    My first dayco belt had clocked 95,235k km as im still keeping it.for sure the belts shows no sign of wear n tear and still in accumulate conditions.

    Its a high temp t.belt coated by teflon silicone ribs and rigid tooth. It comes with a heavy duty tensioner bearing ,idler pulley,oil seals and two external dayco belts fr aircond and alternator.
    The outcomes
    1. Smooth consistence idling
    2. Engine much more quite than the previous belt
    3. No more cit cit sounds due to stable shimm latch
    4. Engine accelerates more powerful

    I really fully recommended this ori genuine Dayco belts for satisfaction,awesome n more confidence on high speed driving.
    My novus can easily touched 180-185kmh with no hassle.
    Nowdays there are more more fake Dayco belts in the market and offering cheap price but quality wise........
    Need for ori Dayco theres a specially member price allocates fr these belt.warranty at 100k km. Reach at 0134001981 or 013 7849798

  21. Picture#13

    Ori 3 core 10.2mm plug cable custom made for spectra.

    As for ur info Kia Spectra factory fiitted with only 6mm single carbon plug cable. The weakness of this oem parts always get faulty due excessive heat and result leakage of current. From this manner u will ur Spectra jerking,stalling as no power.
    I would recommended the 10.2mm plug cable meant for kia spectra n u will find the difference on the spot such as
    1. Instant power ref from yr RPM
    2. Light engine pedal and smooth acceleration
    3. Compatible with Denso iridium plugs to more lean combustion
    4. Wider broad spark

    Anyone interested can post in their comment or call 013-7849798 or 013 4001981. Few stock available.

  22. Picture no 16


    This is the main component from Spectra brake components.
    Spectran must always go fir service maintenance every 10-15k km on yr brake system.this is to prevent ur brake callipers piston from rusting.
    If the piston oil seal and bush is worn out unnoticed could leads to very serious damage to ur piston components. If so u had no choice of getting the complete set of brake callipers.
    So ,if anyone need the brake kit or callipers assy can reach me delivery within kl area.

  23. Photo no 17& 18

    ORI GENUINE MOTUL INUGEL ( high performance coolant)

    As for ur info theres a special offered by my vendour on performance oil n coolant( blue) as well.
    1. Oi liqui moly + ori kia motor Oil Filter + Ori kia motor Air filter + ori Stickers Origin frm Germany. + MOS2 metal to metal engine treatment.
    ** BEWARE OF CHEAP LIQUI MOLY in the market.

    2. Outstanding Motul inugel ( blue Coolant)....function. To cools down the engine and theres a special additives to lubricates the internal parts as well.As i had tried on my spectra showing that my engine tempreture had slighty drop by 5-8'celcious from the original temp @ 79-85'C. It really works as the engine is run by liqui Moly and the Motul coolant really cool off significantly. Superb

  24. photo # 19

    Pro RS stainless steel Braided Brake Hose for Kia Spectra.

    Well this superb performanace brake hose really works significantly on my spectra as the power braking is great.
    Need the Pro RS brake hose can reach me or post in yr comment here.

  25. photo gallery 20-24

    20: Spectra Lower Arm Chasis assy
    21: Spectra Inner lock handle assy
    22: Spectra power steering switch assy
    23: Spectra Ori Complete Set Throttle Body assy
    24: Full set complete Top gasket for overhaul

    All are genuine parts pls reach @ 013 7849798 fr details

  26. Salam to all Spectrans,

    Updates new stock genuine ori parts @ Kia Spectra.

    1. Ori Dayco timing belts completes kit.
    2. Ori Water pump( alloy) with gasket
    3. Ori Engine Mountings -4 pcs
    4. Ori Kayaba nitrogen gas filled
    5. Ori absorber mounting
    6. Ori brake disc pad
    7. Ori full set for flushing gear box - 12litres ( SPIII), auto filter n Gasket.
    8. Ori master brake pump
    9. Ori Rotor Disc
    10. Ori all interiorn exterior parts fr spectra.

    Need more detail or ordered any kia parts do reach at 013-7849798/ 017-7200466. Wasalam.

    1. salam, boleh sy tau berapa harga master brake pump tu?

    2. Hi Mawar,

      You can contact 013-7849798/ 017-7200466 our experienced spectra user bro azmi, he can help troubleshoot/rectify your car problem and provide the correct parts rather provide the wrong parts that will not solve your problem. you also can add my MSN (

    3. Hi, want know how much is the price for Master Brake Pump? and can you please suggest where is the best location for servicing for this part?

    4. Dear Mr.ezan,

      Firstly i would like to inform you, the price is depends on stock avialable,shipment from korea and last things is WORLD OIL PRICE. Once oil price goes up everything up including toilet paper.

      For the best location servicing for master brake pump, of course KIA service centre but be prepare with lots of cash because their expertise not that cheap.

  27. For those who joined our new spectra connection group will be getting a special offered price package..... Do feel free to write in ur comments and if happen u got a problems arised on ur Spectra. This is appoint to our newbies who just bought yr Spectra n need more details on how to maintained ur car.
    If u need it urgent kindly reach us at 013-7849798 / 017-7200466 anytime.

  28. Salam mawar,

    Kenapa dengan master brake pump spectra u, ? Ada leaking ke? Biasanya leaking tu punca nya oilseal dh pecah dan minyak brake akan keluar. Ini memang biasa pd spectra, infact spectra novus saya pun dah kena.
    Saya cadangkan Mawar ikut proper procedure, kalau u tinggal area kl or selangor,kita ada special appointed workshop mainly for spectra members.
    Lebih elok buat full service pakage dengan replaced master brake pump yg ori n genuine parts, flush yr brake fluid, sy suggest guna dot 5.1 fluid, inspect ur brake pads, callipers piston, brake hose,pin sliders and yr rotor disc. Dengan service maintenance yg betul dapat extent the brake system tahan lama...
    Anyway u had post in our blog, we cobsidered ure our member group and will advice u if any problem arised....i hope u could reach me or leave yr hp no in yr next comment ,and i can brief u in detail ,anyway my hp is 013-7849798/ 017-7200466 / 0197833001 anytime convienient to you. Ill be hearing from u ...wasalam

  29. Salam to all spectran connections group,

    Just nk info to all our good fellow members.

    If u need any service workmanship on yr spectra at our appointed specialist Workshop at kuala lumpur/ johor/ pekanKuantan/ kedah n penang area
    Here are few labour charge list:-
    1. Replaced of timing belt full kit and water pump :- RM90-00 normal is 180-250
    2. Full flushing on gear box,replace auto filter and auto oil sump pan gasket :- RM60-00 normal 120-180
    3. Replaced of shocks - RM20-00 each normal 40-60 each
    4. Replace alternator - RM50-00 normal 120-150 each side
    5. Replaced whole drive shafts :- 30.00 each normal 120.00 each
    6. Replaced CV joint :- 35.00 each normal is 80-100 each
    7. Replaced braked pad and full service / bleeding :- 50-60.00. Normal 150.00
    8. Replaced engine oil n oil filter :- 15.00 normal 25-35
    9 other workmanship will be annouced from time to time.

    So need more details kindly reach me 013-7849798 or 017-7200466. Anytime.wasalam.

  30. Salam to all spectran connections group,

    Just nk info to all our good fellow members.

    If u need any service workmanship on yr spectra at our appointed specialist Workshop at kuala lumpur/ johor/ pekanKuantan/ kedah n penang area
    Here are few labour charge list:-
    1. Replaced of timing belt full kit and water pump :- RM90-00 normal is 180-250
    2. Full flushing on gear box,replace auto filter and auto oil sump pan gasket :- RM60-00 normal 120-180
    3. Replaced of shocks - RM20-00 each normal 40-60 each
    4. Replace alternator - RM50-00 normal 120-150 each side
    5. Replaced whole drive shafts :- 30.00 each normal 120.00 each
    6. Replaced CV joint :- 35.00 each normal is 80-100 each
    7. Replaced braked pad and full service / bleeding :- 50-60.00. Normal 150.00
    8. Replaced engine oil n oil filter :- 15.00 normal 25-35
    9 other workmanship will be annouced from time to time.

    So need more details kindly reach me 013-7849798 or 017-7200466. Anytime.wasalam.

  31. Salam, saya ade masalah leaking plug cable. Bile kerete dlm idle N, enjin padam2 kesan dari aliran electric yg keluar dr plug cable kene pade engine head. Sy cume nk bertanye, adekah ia membawa kesan buruk pade Spectra sy, dan berape harge untuk tukar part tersebut?

  32. Hi,

    Please contact bro azmi our kia spectra troubleshooter specialist at 013-7849798 or 017-7200466, we only do troubleshooting on phone much more accurate to solve your problem and another reason why we don't do this on this is for mengelakan spectra murtad di kdi forum tu menangguk air di keruh with our knowledge. but you must remember if you give the wrong symptom you might get the wrong solution. just one rattle sound there is 6 possibilities problem.

  33. if you talking about spark plug cable you can get made in china very cheap 40 buck ringgit malaysia but it wont last long maybe around 3 month only and its going to effect your engine worse come to worse after 2 years you have to overhaul your engine. if you ask KDI spectran murtad forum they might can get you made in china second hand 15 buck ringgit malaysia or their usual reply go get it by yourself. we can help get original parts or performance but its much more expensive rather cheap spark plug made in china stuff.


    lebih baik guna original cable atau performance spark plug cable walau pun mahal antara harga rm 100 sehingga rm270 sebenarnya lebih jimat untuk jangka masa panjang, selalunya barang dikatakan OEM adalah made in china dalam pasaran malaysia, murah mesti ada pasal - kualiti rendah. kekadang barang made in china juga dijual harga mahal untuk mengaburi mata pengguna.

  35. Salam wira hr,

    Welcome to our spectra connections, berkenaan dengan plug cable yg u pakai tu adakah ori plug cable 6mm? Klu yes, mmg cable tak sesuai dengan cuaca panas kita dan keadaan enjin spectra mmg cukup panas. Malah cable ni di baluti oleh pvc jacket,dimana ia akan pecah atau leaks out current...
    Bro wira, for my advice jgn tunggu lama segera tukar cable leaking tu sbb ia akan keluarkan percikan macam bunga api dan takut menyambar petrol......

    Saya advice u get the ori specs as abg recommend high performance plug cable 3 pin core 10.2 mm thick n using silicone jacket,dimana its heat resistance dan life time warranty. U can go with high performance ori denso japan iridium or brisk racing silver.apa apa boleh call saya 017-7200466 bila bila masa.or u can sns me or post in ur hp no.wasalam.

  36. New stock for spectra parts.

    1. Ori genuine 3 core pin 10.2mm plug cable. - 2 pcs left
    2. Ori Denso Japan iridium power performance spark plugs fr Spectra. Warranty 50k km
    3. Ori Liqui moly injector cleaner
    4. Ori genuine Liqui Moly engine oil + ori oil Filter
    5. Ori new packaging Kia Atf SP 111 transmission oil.
    6. Ori brake pad
    7. Genuine Engine Mounting full set 4 pcs
    8. Ori genuine Alternator 80 amp
    9. Ori genuine Dayco Timing Belt - warranty 100k km
    10. Ori front Headlight and rear tail lamps.crystal with new bulbs

    Need the parts can contact me 013-7849798 or 017-7200466 / 013-4001981 for more details.tq

  37. Salam Spectrans,

    Original genuine aluminium alloy piston sets for kia spectra.

    For those who had merely reached 250-300 k km its most advicesable to do full major overhaul where all internal components sb replaced accordingly.whereby it will prolongs ur spectra maintenance another 10-15 years more. To do major overhauled us very crucial ie u really need a genuine parts such as the piston,p.rings, main bearing,thrust bearings,conrode bearing etc etc.

    Its unlikely if the job is good u will had a perfect engine refurbished like a brand new engine......
    So anyone need to do major overhauled, top overhauled do reach me 013-7849798, 017-7200466 for more details.wasalam.

  38. Salam Spectrans,

    Ori genuine parts available stocks ( for members only)

    1. Ori power window n regulator full set assy ( 1pc)
    2. Air vent grill via dashboard ( limited stock)
    3. Master brake pump
    4. Brake booster pump
    5. Brake pads ori ceramic compound
    6. Driveshafts
    7. Engine mountings assy -4 pcs
    8. 10.2mm ori silicone 3 core plug wire
    9. Denso japan iridium power plugs
    10. Complete set for top overhaul or major overhauled upon request.

    Need all the parts do reach me @ 017-7200466 or 013 7849798. Wasalam.

  39. Salam spectrabs,

    Just to info every spectrans, beware of reconditions , immitation parts mostly DRIVESHAFTS, ALTERNATORS,FAN MOTORS etc etc.

    For example many spectrans had come across using reconds driveshafts rangging from price 350- 480 each. One main factor is after few months lapsed tge problem rised again,vibration between the inner part and produced tak tak sounds that applies to the outer part constant velocity bearings jammed. More severe happen it will spoiled ur inner part n center sub d.shaft that links to the auto gear flywheel.

    Think wisely how much u should top up for all this parts just using fake and not suitable genuine d.shafts.

    Need more details,do reach me at 017-7200466/ 013-7849797/ 012-7344959/0197833001. Wasalam

  40. Salam spectrans,

    This is to info to all newbies,who had just own the Kia spectra from year 2002-2008.
    I would suggest members take extra precaution on maintenance basic just to overcome severe damage n problems.

    1. Do replaced yr timing belt full kit.
    2. Do full flushing and used ori Atf auto gear oil, change auto filter alloy type n full gasket on auto oil sump pan.
    3. Install filter on acobd sytem, air system , fuel system
    4. Check all mechanical parts such as d.shafts, shocks, mountings etc

    Need the above parts do feel free sms/ call 0197833001/0177200466/0137849798 anytime. Wasalam

  41. Hi .. looking for KIA Spectra 2005 front spring coil.

  42. Hi khairuo,

    you can contact at 0197833001/0177200466/0137849798 for further information andadvice you to buy original parts for better performance and safety :)

  43. Khairuo,

    Need ori genuine front coil spring? Yup its available stock. What happen to ur present coils.? Had you replaced the front shocks n absorber mountings? Anyway bro u can sms/contact me at 013-7849798 or 017-7200466. Tq

  44. Salam spectrans,

    Special package offer fr genuine spectra parts

    1. Full kit Dayco Timing belt sets
    Water pump + gasket
    Red coolant ( motul)

    2. Brake system kit
    Ori ceramic compound brake pads sets
    Pin sliders n bush kit
    Dot 5.1 brake fluid
    Master brake pump assy
    Brake booster pump assy
    Brake hose

    3. Full Flushing system
    Ori genuine kia Sp111 atf oil
    Ori aluminium auto filter assy
    Auto oil sump pan gasket.

    4. Air cond system
    Cooling coil
    Receiver dryer
    Ori cabin filters 2 pcs. D.i.y.

    5. Driveshafts
    Cv joint
    Driveshafts oil seals
    Engine mountings
    Kayaba shocks + coil springs
    Absorber link assy.
    Interior n exterior parts.

    So need this offer that ends half year till 16th june 2012. Can reach at 013-7849798.

  45. Salam to all sectrans,

    Just to remind u on service maintainence schedules on Spectra esp to Newbies.

    1. Timing belt replacements. Fully recommended Ori Dayco Belt kit. Warranty 100k km. Do it before this coming festives season..

    2. Do gear box systems. To do full flushing,using ori genuine kia SPIII atf fluid, auto filter,auto oil sump pan gasket. Schedules every 40 k km or 2 years.

    3. Do service / replacement of brake system, go or ori brake pads ( ceramic compound), new pin sliders n bush, beake fluid dot 5 , service calipers

    4. Do service/ replacements of water tempreture. Check or replaced water pump(80k km) , thermostat,radiator hose, temp switch sensors, check radiator tank,cap, coolant.

    5. All engine mountings, absorber mountings, bushes, oil seals, cylinder head gasket, rocker cover gasket etc.

    All ori genuine parts are available with very reasonable package price. Free delivery on kl n selangor members. Appointed specialist workshop avail at kl area with reasonable cheap labour incurred. Kindly sms/ call me @ 013-7849798 or 017-7200466 for more details on ur spectra.wasalam.

  46. looking for kia spectra dashboard anyone can help?...
    email me at

  47. Salam aidil,

    If ure looking for ori kia spectra dashboard one set ,if u want i can get for u. Do call 013-7849798 fr more details

  48. looking for kia spectra gear box... can you help me?...

  49. looking for Kia Spectra Gear Box... can anyone help?....

  50. Hi bright orlu,

    Ure looking for spectra gear transmission ( auto) ? Yes u got two options
    1. Trade in ur faulty gearbox to a refurbished gearbox.
    2. Sed for full overhauled and repace all the faukty parts which is much ceaper.

    Can contact me at 13-7849798 .

  51. salam.

    can u quote me the price for original rear shock absorber brand sachs for kia spectra?

  52. salam.

    can u quote me the price for kia spectra rear shock absorber original sachs?

  53. Slm Farhan ,

    Welcome bro, if u need the sach absorber pls indicate is it the coilover adjustable or ori ones. Pls call 013-7849798 or 017-7200466. Fr more details n advices.wasalam

  54. bro. internal door handle tue price brapa ya?

  55. Bro nak tanya head gasket cylinder kia spetra 1.6 year manufacture 2005 lain size and design ke? Bloeh recomend yg mana satu and kene buka head dulu ke br bleh beli garket ni?